Following the America First Media Investigation Into The Unsolved Murder of DNC Employee, Seth Rich

The Cell Phone

In addition to the Kelsey Mulka video from her birthday bash, a mere 20 days after her boyfriend was murdered in cold blood, Matt Couch and the America First Media team made another strange discovery yesterday.

It started with a question:

Why was Seth’s brother, Aaron Rich, looking for a contact at Cellebrite — a company whose specialty is breaking into cell phones for government agencies and law enforcement? Cellebrite is not a company which offers services to individuals.

Further investigation led to the discovery that Aaron was unable to gain access to Seth’s cell phone.

America First Media investigators were able to confirm the following:

Unfortunately, this brings up more questions.

We are left to wonder:

  • Was the cell phone locked after authorities examined it and before it was returned to the Rich family?
  • Or was the cell phone inaccessible by both law enforcement and the Rich family?
  • If the cell phone was inaccessible to both authorities and the family, who had the ability and skill to set up a lock-out so advanced, a specialty firm, who deals on an international level, would need to be brought in to assist with breaking it? Was Seth Rich more technologically advanced than we had been led to believe?
  • Last, what would have been on the phone which would require such a sophisticated security mechanism?

Updates on this and other breaks in the investigation as they happen.


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